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Types of Five Axis Linkage Machine Tool Products


Five axis linkage machine tools include ...
Five axis linkage machine tools include vertical, horizontal, and cradle type two axis NC workbenches, NC worktable NC indexing head, NC worktable 90 axis, NC worktable 45B axis, NC worktable A axis, two axis NC spindle, and other types.
1、 Five coordinate linkage dual turntable machine tool
1. The rotating coordinates have sufficient stroke range and good process performance.
2. Due to structural limitations, the rigidity of the swinging coordinate is relatively low, becoming a weak link in the rigidity of the entire machine tool. On the other hand, for a dual turntable machine tool, the rigidity of the turntable is much higher than that of the swinging head, thereby improving the overall rigidity of the machine tool.
3. It is convenient to develop into a machining center, and only requires the installation of an independent tool library and a tool changing manipulator. However, the coordinate drive power of the dual turntable machine tool turntable is relatively high, and the coordinate conversion relationship is complex.
2、 Five coordinate linkage double pendulum head machine tool
The double swing head machine tool has a lower power output for swinging coordinate drive, convenient workpiece loading and unloading, and simple coordinate conversion relationship.
3、 Five coordinate linkage, one swing head and one turntable machine tool
The performance of a desktop machine tool that swings its head and rotates it is between the two mentioned above.





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